ode to the weekend.

Sunday nights are a mix of laying in bed thinking about the fun weekend I had but feeling anxiety about all the work the week holds. 

This weekend filled up real nicely. I made my way to NY to spend time with my boyfriend and family. We got to have lunch at one of my favorite places, Babycakes! It’s a cafe near Vassar College in Poughkeepsie. The weather was so nice we went to FDR’s home in Hyde Park to walk around. 

Weekends like this make me wish for summer but I’ll just have to wait. 

What did you do this weekend?


donuts are dangerous. 

Its happened. Union Square Donuts has opened within walking distance of my apartment. This is both glorious and dangerous at the same time. 

During the week I don’t really eat breakfast. I definitely don’t buy it out. But on the weekend I like to take a walk in the morning to get coffee and something to eat. I have a feeling going to Union Square Donuts will become some type of ritual. 

If you’re a sweet breakfast person you have to try this place. My suggestion at the moment is the Maple Bacon donut. I was very hesitant at first but it is AMAZING. My goal… try every donut.

Have you ever had Union Square Donuts? 

in the mood for some comedy? 

I suggest Improv Assylum! Last night I celebrated v-day with a lovely date night in the North End. My boyfriend and I went to Benevento’s (one of my favs). After that we attended the Sunday Night Show at Improv Assylum! 

I haven’t been there since freshman year of college. So I forgot how funny it was. I was also surprised to see the full house on a Sunday night. The show was a mix of sketches and improv that the audience loved. The cast was very funny. I was surprised that I laughed as much as I did. Overall, a great night! I definitely suggest it for a date or a fun night out with friends. 

Has anyone ever been there? Let me know your thoughts. http://www.improvasylum.com/

what’s your flavor?

Ever think of your friends and how certain people have a signature beverage? I don’t necessarily mean an alcoholic drink but just their favorites thing to drink. Mine is peach ice tea. When my friends think of me, it’s kinda like a word association. What’s your signature drink? 

i’ll be “dancin’ in circles”

To start the week off right we were blessed with a snow day so that I could buy Lady Gaga tickets from the comfort of my couch. Now, on most snow days I would want to sleep in… which I consider being in bed past 10:30AM but today it was worth waking up.

Lucky for me, my roommate and I both work at Suffolk. So were were ready with a laptop, tablet and two cell phones to purchase tickets. Already set at 9:47AM and the 13 minutes following felt very long. The Fenway ticket website is very lack luster. When we finally got through it keep saying “no two tickets available together” which was disappointing. Amy tried calling only to get a constant busy signal. We moved on to our next best bet, Stubhub.

We got tickets, for less than I paid for Beyonce at TD Garden. I consider that an accomplishment. I’ve always liked Lady Gaga but her Super Bowl performance really solidified that I needed to see her on tour.

The next big question is – what do you wear to a Lady Gaga concert? I assume the people watching will be something like I’ve never seen before. I’ve always wanted to go to a concert at Fenway so that is a major plus!

Now I’m counting down the days until September 1st! It’ll be a nice way to close out the summer.



snow is mostly pretty…

I’ve lived in the northeast my whole life. I’m no stranger to snow. It’s beautiful and fluffy. I wish it didn’t have to be so cold to snow. Snow makes it difficult to go to work, run errands and go about my daily life. Maybe I should consider moving cause I’m just not cut out to shovel for the rest of my life. 

the g.o.a.t. and i

Today was a big day in Boston. The Patriots road through the streets on duck boats celebrating their big win over the Falcons in this years Super Bowl. Lucky for me the Pats to bring the parade right to my window.

I’m not a big football fan but that game was crazy. I didn’t think that I would be seeing a parade today. Many people say it’s all because of Tom Brady. He is (apparently) a one of a kind player. The G.O.A.T. is what they call him. I call him a one fine hunk of man. 😉

It’s hard not to feel energized by the sense of pride when your experiencing something like this. Everyone here comes together to celebrate (and oh boy do they celebrate). I can’t wait to see the next parade… maybe one in a season where it’s not snowing.