street art spotlight.

I’ve always found art interesting. Going to museums or special exhibits is always a good time but I’ve really developed a love for street art. When I was in Charlotte a couple month again I was really impressed with the street art scene. There was lots of cool stuff all around the city. This was one of my favorites.




Do you like it? Have you seen any street art around Boston?



tell me this…

Have you seen any good movies lately?

Last weekend I saw the new Beauty and the Beast! It was great. I was brought back to my childhood. Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite Disney films. Emma Watson did not disappoint. The music was well done and everything looked really cool.

tiger mama. 

This could be the best meal I’ve had in a while. If you live in Boston or just find your way to the Fenway area you need to go to Tiger Mama. By that I mean, make a reservation and plan to go or you won’t have a seat.

The food was incredible. I’m a big fan of Asian cuisine. Tiger Mama goes for Vietnamese/Thai style small plates. They are meant to be shared. I love small plate style eating because you get to try everything! The two standouts (for me) were the Crispy Chili Potatoes and Bon Cha Hanoi. I could easily go there once (or 3 times) a week and be seriously happy.

A must try for any foodies. I’ll be going again for sure. 

late to the party.

Apparently, I missed the band wagon on season 4 of House of Cards. I watched the first 3 seasons with my roommates but when the 4th one came out I guess we were too busy. 

This weekend I started to reconcile with the popular Netflix original series. Let me tell you… it was so worth it! 

If you haven’t watched the latest season or have never seen HOC now is the time. Season 4 is awesome so far, I’m 5 episodes in. The cast is outstanding and you’ll be kept on your toes for sure. My advice: get a chromecast and watch from your bed. That’s what I did and it was magical! 

don’t worry, i’m still here

Ever have a week that feel like it will never end? I have. This week was one of them. I’ve been a little busy so it’s hard to keep up with blogging.

Thank goodness for a day off tomorrow but I have to work on Sunday this week! If you were me, how would you spend your day off?