hello… it’s me.

I never planned to write a blog but here I am.

I thought I’d start off with the low-down on the author of this blog, me! My name is Malorie. I’m (almost) 25 years old and live in Boston – Brookline to be exact. Originally, I’m from a small town in Hudson Valley, NY. In Boston I work at Suffolk University as the Welcome Center Coordinator. Working with the student tour guides and meeting new people every day. I have a pretty set routine but no day is exactly the same which keeps things interesting.  Along with work, I go to school part-time and will be done with my Masters in July! After that we will see where the wind takes me.

This blog is going to be a mix of all the things I enjoy most focusing on fashion, food and other pop-culture tidbits. Stay tuned and enjoy!


One thought on “hello… it’s me.

  1. Early congratulations on the achievement of your masters, you seem like a bright and awesome person….am sure the ‘wind’ will take you to awesome places!
    Love SUPER LOVE the idea that you will mix a little bit of everything :0)!


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